Photo enlargements, printed on Dibond aluminum, contour cut with floating mount, 2011

Short poetry created from the spines of collected book titles.
This work builds story fragments and imaginary narratives which are inspired by pop culture melodrama and domestic patriarchy. These images were created by claiming books from thrift stores across Canada. Second hand book store shelves help to capture the essence of a person's imagined life based on a re-assembly of book titles in a particular arrangement. This is an intersection of genres where romance, self-help,and HIV/AIDS medical biographies are combined to create a new commentary on the manner in which people selectively edit their own personal stories to construct autobiography and identity.
Through this process, new narratives emerge from the construction of these imagined personal histories.

Rebound I, photo enlargement on dibond aluminum, 50 x 70 in. 2016

Exhibition view: Clean Fit & Decease Free, Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton, AB

Rebound II, 50 x 70 in. print on Dibond aluminum, 2012, (Private Collection)
50 cm x 70 cm Print on Dibond aluminum, (Private Collection)
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