plate engraving, postcards, archival press photo, various sizes, 2015

From left to right:
1854 plate engraving, map of London's Soho district - location of the Broad st. water pump, and Lewis House baby, suspected origin of cholera outbreak.
1915 colorized postcard of New York's Presbyterian Hospital, location of Sloane Hospital, Department of Ob.Gyn - identified as ground zero for typhoid outbreak.
1915 original archival press photo of children's Nursery at Sloane Hospital, Dpt. of Ob.Gyn. - employee Mary Mallon (laundress) then identified as patient zero for typhoid outbreak.
1969 colorized postcard of Barnes Hospital, Missouri - location of care for Robert Rayford, first recorded death from complications of AIDS in USA.
1976 postcard from Léopoldville, Belgian Congo - location of Mabalo Lokela, suspected of being patient zero for ebola.
1984 postcard of Montréal, Québec, Canada - home to Gaëtan Dugas, wrongly accused of being HIV patient zero,
2003 postcard of Metropole Hotel, Hong Kong - location of guest Liu Jianlun, first recorded transmission of SARS,
2009 postcard of Veracruz, Mexico - location of first alleged transmission by Édgar Enrique Hernández, and first  recorded death of Maria Adela Gutierrez from H1N1 (Swine Flu)
Close Enough. A Pictorial Survey of Wikipedia's Geography of Index Cases,
plate engraving, archival press photo, postcards, various sizes, 2015
Exhibition view from Shan Kelley: Fit, Clean, and Decease Free, Latitude 53 Contemporary, Edmonton, Canada, 2015
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