Printed aluminum signs 18 in x 24 in

Exploring personal narratives through the appropriation of space is something that has always interested me.
My intention in Postcards is to try and interject intimate details and personal reflections of a specific incident into the landscape that deal with uncomfortable mitigations of sexuality and HIV.
These disclosures monumentalise a specific experience which forever shape the landscape as a place not solely tied to the sensory modalities but as an envelope on place charged with a field of emotional characteristic and meaning. This marking of incredibly confidential human experiences in the public realm is an intentional rejection of the singularity of such experiences, and the idealism of scenic vistas.
While the experience of living with HIV might not be shared, the violence of apathy and indifference towards HIV is redirected to force a mirror of human experience on a social culture and public that would much rather such disease exist quietly in the shadows of its periphery.

Postcards - i (detail), 2013
Postcards - ii, 2013
Postcards - iv, 2013
Postcards - iii, 2013
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