Mixed media, performance - Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2006 

Walking as a primary act in the symbolic transformation of the territory, and a physical transformation of the neglected, and negotiated space. Interventions in the urban landscape take the form of ink footsteps within a 40 block perimeter. Shoe soles were constructed with a self inking felt pad that would print the
words FREE and SPACE respectively, with each step.
The project had an aim to critique awareness of the spaces we inhabit, and the manner in which they're interpreted. The work is an attempt to blur, and question the boundaries that surround land ownership, and
classification between private/public property. Trespass and nationhood are particularly contentious issues with regard to language and cultural politics in Québec. Who belongs? Who is granted permission to belong?

To view the act of walking, traversing the non-linear paths of urban space reflects a defiant struggle of temporal existence within the boundaries, rules and commonly accepted social structures of the city and its architecture. The city is a cumbersome animal that lumbers to catch up with those that wander, leap and play on its surface. Negotiated movement through the landscape leaves the haunting, conscious trace of a human existence that is weary of the rhythmic monotony of traditionally ascribed usage of space.
Exhibition view: Paper, ink footsteps, artifact from performance, PUSH, The Works Festival, Edmonton, AB, 2007

Con.Text, digital still from video, Montréal, QC, 2006

Shoes, glue, felt, carpet, surgical hose, hand pump basters, 2006
Con.Text, digital still from video, Montréal, QC, 2006
"Con.Text" video projection, gallery installation
"Con.Text" video projection, gallery installation
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