digital print on aluminum (edition of 3), 32 in x 48 in. , 2015
Studio photo (to actual scale) of the original floor mat to the Sala Elizabeth Taylor Cinema, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
In 1962, success of the film and celebrity starpower associated with director John Huston's "Night of the Iguana" put sleepy Puerto Vallarta on the map as tropical, jet set destination. On the coattails of the widly successful "Cleopatra" film, Richard Burton and co-star Elizabeth Taylor had already made headlines for their very public affair. Not yet divorced, Burton was joined by Taylor in P.Vallarta during filming and arranged for a luxurious home to be built high in the secluded hills, overlooking the ocean bay. The backstory to Huston's film, an adaptation of a Tenessee Williams play by the same name, mirrors a widely reported turmultuous sexuality in the real lives of the movie cast - thereby creating the perfect Hollywood media gossip frenzy. Ultimately The Night of the Iguana  production is credited with the creation of a tourist economy, if nothing less. As a means of paying homage to the film's history, the town of Puerto Vallarta is peppered with relics, statues and sites which have largely fallen out of favour, fading slowly altogether.
The Sala Elisabeth Taylor, once a grand cinema playing top feature films, has fallen into disrepair. The buliding has been kept alive thanks to iteration is as specialty xxx cinema, home to bluecollar local and gringo cruising, which remains a footnote point of interest among many LGBTTIQQ2SA guidebooks.
The circa. 1965 signature lobby floor mat was acquired directly from the current property owner.
What Remains (We Had More Time, But Not Enough), digital print on aluminum (edition of 3), 32 in x 48 in. , 2015
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